If you looking out for the medicated equipments then this is the right place; the Santa medical provides all such medical related things, with high quality stuff that lasts long. The Santa medical has wide and huge varieties of wheelchairs, rollator along with the medicated cushions and blood pressure monitoring machines, which will provide comfort to the old age people and other patients too. The Santa medical also deals in marketing of thermometer, the fetal Doppler and even pulse oximeter. A wide range of weighing machines and tens units are also made available on the demands of the customers.

Select The Premium Pulse Oximeter At Best Price

With the pace of mechanical advancement occurring in this cutting edge time, even clinical instruments and gadgets are quickly decreasing and increasingly reasonable. With regards to the finger beat oximeter, the once monstrous enormous gear can now truly fit in your pocket (with numerous oximeters weighing under 2 ounces). What the beat oximeter does is measure the oxygen immersion level in the blood.


These increasingly minimized models can give similar important information when contrasted with the ones which are set on you when you are in the medical clinic (and it is similarly brisk). To choose the right one, one must select the right one, and the Santamedical SM-150 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Batteries and Lanyard is the best option. Here's the premise of how the Finger Pulse oximeter functions so as to give exact readings of the oxygen immersion levels in the blood: infrared light is consumed by oxygenated hemoglobin and the red light is permitted to go through. Then again, the inverse is said for the deoxygenated blood. Light emissions light and infrared light are coordinated from the oximeters through your finger and goes onto the photograph locator on the far edge. The blood oxygen meter finger,at that point, figures the proportion of the red light to the infrared light. This at that point gives the oxygen immersion level. People who are sound will have an oxygen immersion level between 95% to 99%. The oxygen immersion level demonstrates how well the heart, lungs and blood are providing organs with oxygen in the Pulse Oximeter.


There is a great deal of rivalry with regards to selling the oxygen saturation monitor as there are a few products, for example, Nonin, GTek, Minolta, Maxtec and some more. Be that as it may, the opposition is acceptable as this can mean showing signs of improvement cost and permitting progressively individuals of various foundations to have their own finger beat Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.

Amazing Rain Shower Head To Relax In Your Shower Time

Isn't it a fun experience when tiny droplets of water sprinkle your body? If yes and you enjoy this then this is just for you. Enjoying rain can be the fun part, but for it you have to wait for the rain, now imagine that wonderful experience at your bathroom, isn't it gives you tizzy. This is possible with some fun and new product fitted to your bathroom, wondering how to then go for Gurin Rain Shower Head High Pressure Spa System. It is an amazing set up which comes as the Luxury Bathroom Showerhead with Chrome Plated Finish that gives a super attractive look to your washroom with a never forgetting shower experience. The product comes with the Adjustable Angles and the Anti-Clogging Silicone Nozzles that gives you the opportunity to use it as per your preference.

As we know today it is all about having multiple options, but this shower head will be an ideal option for you, as it is easy to install and even if you don't need the plumber, just unbox it and find the guidance to fix it. If you are the one who loves to relax and find spa relaxation at home without spending extra bucks then this is the best solution. As it will not only relax but also give a luxurious and classy look to your bathroom. The shower heads with handheld spray gives the user the opportunity to move the shower nozzles to the direction in which they require the rain shower.

This beautiful rain shower head gives you the feel of natural rain, the fall makes your skin feel rejuvenated and stress makes the way out of your life.The wide rush of the water coming from the led shower head, makes your shower time the relaxed time where you can spend some time away from the hustle bustle of meeting the deadlines of life.

Are You Looking For The Finger Pulse Oximeter? You Will Get Best Here

The most common problem in today’s scenario is that we have lots of option on the internet and it becomes difficult to choose one which fits into your each and every requirement. So, it’s very important that you create the right type of checklist, if you are looking forward to buy some authentic medical equipment, then Santamedical’s Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, with attached Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor (SpO2) with Pulse Rate recorder is your best option.


As we all know that finding the right product is the biggest question, but if you selected us then leave all the worries on the backseat. We are one of the best name in the industry who manufacture the Fingertip Pulse oximeter that helps you to get the correct results that will tell you that your health condition is accurate or not. The Pulse Oximeter indicates that you have the required oxygen in the in the blood that will keep your breathing level normal.


Buying the Finger Pulse Oximeter becomes sometime tough; as you need to see that it is authentic or not as it is related to your health. This is one of the best Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor not just it is good product, but it is the one which has all the features as well as fit into the budget. The oximeter comes with the right type of the instruction that how it has to be used, the users just have to attach to the fingertip and wait for few seconds and the monitor attached will showcase the accurate results.


Buying a Pulse rate for yourself is necessity if you are the one who is quite normal to the adventure of the life then this is the product which is best for you. This oximeter will ensure that it calculate the right and clear graph that will have all the details.

The Ideal Ice Packs For Injuries To Resolve Your Pain

Today it is very important to have the adequate instrument  that can ensure to keep your health in control and you don’t have to pop a medicine every time you feel sudden sort of ache in your body. So, if you are the one who is looking for the help which can keep your family away from unwanted and not needed pain, then Medvice 2 Reusable Hot and Cold Ice Packs for Injuries, Joint Pain, and Muscle Soreness is your answer. It is the pack made with the best kind of material so that you don’t have any sort of allergies or infection.


Our especially made ice packs for injuries will help you to lower down the pain and let you relax a little bit from the uneasiness. The pack will not let you to hamper your daily work and even help you to do the routine work with comfortable manner. So, whether you are having the regular pain or chronic pain or having swelling in any body part this is your answer to every pain.


The ice pack is considered as the one of finest solution as it helps you to relax the pain that will hamper your regular work. The regular basketball practice has occurred the constant shoulder pain and for that purpose the shoulder ice pack is your answer, as after using this all pain will go away and will give you new level of energies.


You seem to feel dissatisfied with the earlier bought Ice packs for injuries reusable, then it is the time to try our customized packs, you can use it in either way cold or hot. It depends on you to select the best one this time. We understand that buying an ice pack for knee is important for you, as you can’t go and buy a new one for every use. So, don’t think much and get the perfect one from us today only.

Blood Pressure Machine That Counts Every Reading

It is very important to take care of the blood pressure, as it is generally the root cause of many illnesses, the major problem that comes in front of the people is how to manage it. As a visiting doctor to measure the pressure is not easy and practical. So, to manage your problem easily we have come up with the Medvice Manual Blood Pressure Cuff. It is your perfect friend who will help in monitoring the pressure.

Whether you have elderly parents at home then having a blood pressure machine at the home is very important.  We have manufactured the best machines that will help you to count the pressure accurately, as well as it crafted with the best kind of material so that it doesn’t create any side effect. One of the most liked part of our product is blood pressure monitor, you must be wondering why it is the best part as it is important to read the right numbers because if a single number moves from here and there it will create problem.


We have ensured that our blood pressure cuffs are customized for every size and shape of arm, so that when a user buys it, they don’t have to face the size issue. Your parents are old and you need to take care for them 24/7, and for that you have hired the support so that they can look after when you are out with some work. So, a attached stethoscopes for nurses is the brownie point for you, she can count the blood pressure easily and give them the adequate and required medication help.


We all the importance of the accurate Sphygmomanometer in any type of machine, as it is the instrument which helps to measure the pressure. In our specially designed machine you get a special one that will fit to any individual. Don’t think and get it to ensure your family health.

Get The Ice Pack For Knee And Relief Yourself From Pain

If you are looking for the solution that is effective and gives you the ultimate benefits that will cure your pain that too without giving any side effects. So for this Medvice 2 Reusable Hot and Cold Ice Packs for Injuries, Joint Pain, Muscle Soreness and Body Inflammation is there for you.


Your mom suffers from chronic knee pain and taking the medicines only give the temporary solution then it is the time you take the right decision of choosing the ice pack. It is easy to use as well as give relief from the chronic pain. The major attraction of our pack is that it is of dual usage, didn't understand then read further, it can be used in dual way that means you can use it as the cold as well as hot pack. It is up to you what kind of pain you are suffering. Earlier you have used the pack but after one use only it became not reusable, then by using ours will give you ice packs for injuries reusable, so it comes with the one time investment. Buy it once and you can use it again and again with its best effects.


Knee is one body part that can hurt at any time, and having painkillers doesn't give a solution, so you can use our ice pack for knee it comes with the strap that helps you to use it anywhere and anytime. Normally having medicine for pain relief may cause allergies but using ice packs does not create any kind of side effect. It is made of the best quality you can use while keeping it in the refrigerator or by keeping it in the microwave, it is up to your requirement. Get the shoulder ice pack that will relieve you from the regular shoulder pain then affect your day to day work.

Vegan B12 Vitamin To get To Level Up Energies

Lifestyle changes have affected adversely and it has spoiled our inner build capacity of metabolism. So, it is important to make sure that we take the supplement that will help us to increase our metabolism as well as keep ourselves healthy and hearty.


So, if you are the one keeps on checking those tablets to increase your metabolism then it's time to switch to Vitboost Vegan Liquid B-12 Drops – 60 x 5000 mcg Extra Strength Raspberry Flavored Vitamin B12 Liquid. It is the drop which is enriched with benefits of the b12 vitamin, that helps you as a fuel of the energy production that keeps you active all the time. Don't let your low energy be the reason for the fun because it can lead you to miss the major fun of life.

b12 supplements will keep your energy levels high and boost your efficiency that will make your life much easier. This delicious liquid formula is the remedy for all your problems, it is simple to take this formula, just keep on the tongue and enjoy the flavor of raspberry. We understand that keeping all time dullness gives you the problem from the mental clarity of your life perspective but taking this vitamin b12 will make your mind and thought clear.


Our expert understands when it comes to your health you take several measures to check that whatever you're taking is safe or not. So, with us, you don't have to worry, as we have made sure that our B12 supplement undergoes all the quality tests to prove that we are fully safe to be part of your routine. Now you must have understood that our major concern is customer satisfaction and we check all the parameters of our b12 sublingual before delivering it to you. Don't think much and get your bottle today and feel the new excitement in life.

Get The Luxurious shower At Your Home

Visiting spas every now and then can burn the big whole in your pocket, so why not make a spa like setup for yourself at your home only. Wondering how this will happen, then it is the time you get the right people on the board. So, your answer to your question is Gurin Rain Shower Head High Pressure Spa System, Luxury Bathroom Showerhead with Chrome Plated Finish, Adjustable Angles, Anti-Clogging Silicone Nozzles. We are here to make your bathing experience the most premium one.


You are renovating your home, and this time you are looking at everything that will only give you the luxury feeling then it is the time to select the right product.Our shower head comes with no complicated strings attached, which means it not only make your washroom give the leisure feeling but also comes with no hassle of setting up. Yes!!! We come up with no hassle, you can easily fit the shower without any help from a technician. You just have to follow the steps provided by our experts which come with the product.


You are tired of using that rusted water filter that does not look good as well as not serve its purpose properly then it's time to switch to us, our product comes with the quality of adjusting to the direction which you prefer. We make sure that the setting spray gives the right fall of water that can easily wash the shampoo and soap that will refresh your skin give you the fresh feeling.


Your old shower has a problem to move in the direction the way you want, then don't take tension our shower heads with handheld spray gives you to move in directions you want to move your shower. Dont, think much and order your set today

Let Your Ease With Best Ice Pack

In current scenario when we have so much hectic lifestyle that we suffer from one or other pain, and for the cure we look for remedies that doesn't come with after effect.So, Gurin has come with The Neck Cold Pack - Reusable Therapeutic Ice Packs - Physical Therapy Gel Wraps for Necks & Shoulders - Flexible Pain Wrap to make you get relieved from that unwanted pain that hampers your day to day routine.We come with the Ice pack that is different from the traditional ones, it is simple to use and easy to take care of.  This ultra and easy to use Ice Pack lets you save some extra time in the hustle of today’s modern routine. Whether you have a child who gets themselves injured during their game seasons or the senior citizens who suffer from chronic pain.                                                                                                                                                                                                      So, if you are the one who is looking for the shoulder ice pack then this is the perfect one for you, as it is the flexible one which takes the shape of the neck that provides the comfort while using it. As well as make sure that you  get the most comfortable  solution that not only eases your pain, but does not interrupt your day to day routine. 


We have bought you the cold pack that is made up of the Vinyl that makes it use again and again without counting on quality. We understand that customers are looking for the product that is not a single time use and even doesn't cause any kind of skin allergy on skin while using it.


Our experts have designed and manufactured this particular product in a way that you can use ice packs for injuries reusable without any complication. We followed every major step that keeps ice packs not a great pain reliever without any complication but also make sure you get the best thing without any side effects

Lessen Your Doctor's Visit With Premium Blood Pressure Machine

Being the part of the stress full routine always leads you to trouble the health, and to keep on the track on health you need to have basic health instruments which will save your extra efforts to run to the doctor. Blood pressure is one health issue which needs the proper care, as whether it goes up or down it can create serious health issues. So, it is advised to keep the blood pressure cuff handy so you don't face any unwanted situation.


So, if you are looking for the one then your search is over as Medvice Manual Blood Pressure Cuff - Universal Size Aneroid Sphygmomanometer - Nurses BP Monitor - Best Adult BP Machine is your answer to all the BP related issues. Our Manual Blood Pressure Cuff is an FDA approved machine that will deliver the right and accurate results.Our prime focus is to make sure we deliver the accurate and quality product at your doorstep.


While looking out for the the right blood pressure machine, there are some points which need to be kept in mind so you get the best one for you. The major factor is the clear number shown on the  blood pressure monitor, so you can get the right output. We have come up with the right and readable number dial that will make your work easy and fast.


Usually while ordering the machine one needs to keep the size of cuff in mind that will fit to  every hand. We have come up with a free size blood pressure monitor upper arm that will fit everyone. This particular product is for everyone who is looking for the machine that will fit into their every category. It is termed as the one of the best sphygmomanometer by our valued customers as they feel it has saved their hustle of running to doctor whenever they feel slightly unstable due to fluctuating BP

Berry Flavored Biotin To Lustrous Hair

The increased pollution has damaged our skin, hair, nails and overall health so to protect ourselves from these harmful things we need some natural care. So, Vitboost has come up with its Extra Strength 10,000 mcg Biotin Liquid Drops with Organic Berry Flavor. It is vegan and fully natural and doesn't even have a single drop of artificial essence. So, don't let these chemical changes affect your body and give the allergies and side effects. Intake the natural ingredients and keep yourself happy.


The chemical value is high in everything and lifestyle routine has been changed from natural to artificial so to take care of your skin you need to have a solution and for that our Biotin is the best. In this pollution full of air, damage of hair roots is confirmed and with the changing eating habits lead to deficiency of hair vitamins. So, to fill your extra supplement you need to have the right type of support that will make your Hair healthy and shining from inside. Don't think much and switch to Vitboost and be happy and hearty.


You feel tired of getting off using different-different types of supplements to ensure that you keep your skin healthy, and bring that child like shine back. The biotin 10000mcg consists of all the needed hair skin and nails vitamins,that will grow back to strong and lustrous.


Are you the one who thinks that these healthy supplements that help in hair growth are bad in taste, then you are on the wrong side. We have bought you the biotin that comes in organic berry flavor, that will keep your taste bud as well as skin happy. So, don't think much and reach to us and get the right product that will help you to maintain the nutrients in your body.

Tips on How to Use Your Electric Pulse Massager

Electronic pulse massager is basically defined as an efficient way in stimulating muscles of your body. It is different from TENS unit, which stimulates nerves. The basic principles of electric pulse massager is that it positively puts impact on different parts of your body such as neck, shoulders, back, etc…It is effectively used to alleviate pains or tensions. You can find the appearance of this device in many spas, stores or simply at home.

If you have an electric pulse massager, learning how to use this machine is very important. Let we tell you the best ways to use an electric pulse massager.
Factors for choosing an electric pulse massager
There is a plenty of electric pulse massagers available on today’s marketplace. They could be found in different features, designs, shapes, brands, prices, etc…Therefore, be careful when selecting the best models for your needs and demands.
Read customer reviews about the product
One of the most popular ways to decide an electric pulse massager is effective or not is reading the customer ratings and reviews. This helps bring you a comprehensive view about both strengths and weaknesses of each product. Through the ratings of customers, users can know factual experience of using an electronic pulse massager and the product performance.
Choose the certificated models
You had better select the models with ISO or FDA certification. These certifications ensure that your products are safe and effective in use.
Every type of product comes with the risks of damaging. Solid warranty provides great policy to protect you from unexpected issues when using an electronic pulse massager.
Other personalities worth considering include the product weight and its durability. For the target of travelling, a modern but compact device is an out-standing recommendation.
How to use your electric pulse massager?
Many people wonder the ways for using an electronic pulse massager. It is so simple for you to apply this method for enjoying the most relaxing moments. Normally, an electronic pulse massager comes with a pair or 2 pairs of round or square electrodes. All you have to do is placing them in tight and sore muscles. Remember to avoid sticking pads on bone tissues. Ensure that the pads are securely attached on your skin thanks to necessary gels. The pads are available on current market and you could replace them when necessary. If your old pads are nonstick or damaged, purchasing the new ones is an important task to maximize the efficiency of an electronic pulse massager. After powering the device, AC and DC power from this device helps transmit electric signals. The signals will tell you specific statistics about pulse width, intensity, frequency and wavelength. To adjust the electrical pulse, let’s change its intensity through increasing or decreasing buttons. On the other hand, the smart massager equips a great number of programs for users to select. They could be listed here, including shiatsu, tuna, cupping, scraping, kneading and more. Now, let’s enjoy fantastic moments of an advanced electric pulse massager.

All in all, electronic pulse massager offers fantastic experience to users in an effective way. It helps solve pain management of most of users. Start your active life with an efficient electric pulse massager now.


Infrared Thermometer- The Thing of Today

An Infrared thermometer is a Non-contact, Non-testing temperature estimating gadget. Otherwise called a laser thermometer or a temperature weapon, it is another, powerful and cool method for estimating the temperature of any surface accessible. Using any and all means this gadget is unrivaled than the past ordinary Digital/Mercury thermometers.


A portion of the fundamental contrasts between the laser and traditional thermometer are:


  1. No danger of defilement so readings can be taken rapidly for any number of individuals. This makes it a critical item if there should be an occurrence of Infectious illnesses much more so if there should arise an occurrence of dangerous maladies like H1N1 fever (swine influenza).


  1. Readings can be taken for any surface and not just your body or a fluid. You simply need to guide it toward the item (like a skillet) and it will disclose to you the readings.


  1. it’s speedier than the ordinary thermometer and measures the temperature in only couple of moments. It additionally has the capacity of continuous observing in the event that you keep the trigger squeezed.


Organizations like SantaMedical have had a long history with these gadgets. The Infrared thermometer that they have structured has dependably been in front of the occasions. Aside from the highlights referenced over the additional highlights about them are:


  1. New thin and Ergonomic plan with vast illuminated LCD screen.
  2. Latest Infrared innovation with around 0.3 degree exactness.
  3. Intuitive direction framework to verify situating and exact perusing.
  4. Body, Surface and Room temperature perusing modes.
  5. Celsius and Fahrenheit readings.
  6. Adjustable sound alert for high temperature. This aides in setting a constraint.
  7. Memory keeping tab of the last 32 accounts.
  8. Automatic power off for Energy sparing.
  9. Low vitality utilization with in excess of 100,000 readings on 2 AAA batteries (included).
  10. Water and Impact safe plan that makes it vigorous. This enable it to take in excess of 3,000,000 readings in its lifetime.

Notwithstanding the above highlights the SantaMedical infrared thermometers or laser thermometers accessible in three structures are uniquely intended for Forehead or tear heads temperature location from a separation of 1inch - 4 inches (5 cm - 15 cm) with a 89 - 109 F (32 - 43 oC) temperature extend.

A USP of the SantaMedical Infrared thermometers is that they have been uncommonly adjusted. This just measure the outside body surface temperature (Forehead) like other IR thermometers yet in addition convert the perusing to gauge the interior body temperature, a significant imperative sign for Health.

Every one of these variables make infrared thermometer an absolute necessity have for each family unit. You can buy it on driving sites like Amazon, Walmart and Groupon.


SantaMedical Launches most Efficient Electronic Pulse Massager for Muscle Pain Relief.

The new and adjusted SantaMedical Electronic TENS heartbeat massager offers propelled relief from discomfort. The quality is first class be it the Electrode material, the glue, the battery-powered battery, the TENS machine or the texture of the cushions. The new productive model packs some propelled highlights of clear presentation, 20 dimensions of solidarity modification, movable rubbing opportunity and arrives with 4 AAA batteries.

The current conveyed invigorates the nerves in the influenced zone which quickly numbs the torment receptors of the muscle and calms torment. This is a generally excellent option for non-sedate treatment as it doesn't bring on any reactions. It very well may be utilized in various territories of the body like legs, arms, sports wounds, back of the neck and so on. Be that as it may, care ought to be taken, perused the Blog on their site to know more.

The component stacked TENS machine additionally is strong in quality and is enduring, estimated decently, the organization has attempted to bait clients by this new item. The nature of terminals likewise relate to the most recent innovation. They are made of strong carbon which conveys the charge productively. The cushions are adaptable so as not to confine the development. They can be utilized in a hurry.

"The various highlights and the usability of the new TENS machine has made it a smash hit" says Marketing chief, SantaMedical. It is accessible on web based shopping locales like Amazon.

The developing business sector of advanced restorative supplies has seen some wonderful development. SantaMedical in such manner has dependably been in the bleeding edge in giving quality items.

About SantaMedical

SantaMedical is an organization situated in California, USA. They are given to planning, creating and fabricating inventive Healthcare items that address the issues of our clients through their GURIN and SANTAMEDICAL brands.


SantaMedical Manual Sphygmomanometer is the Bestseller of the Month on Amazon

SantaMedical manual Sphygmomanometer is endorsed by the FDA, perfect for restorative experts. The gadget is Stress tried and accomplishes a precision of in addition to/short 3 mmHg without stick stop. Meets American Heart Association's suggestions.

The nature of the gadget is as indicated by the restorative measures. This makes it strong, exact and a trustworthy pulse screen. It includes a manometer which is exact and has an effectively recognizable high differentiation dial. The kick the bucket cast manometer lodging is equipped with an uncompromising clasp so it very well may be effectively appended to the Gauge holder on the sleeve.

The sleeve and expansion pack are synthetic safe. The twofold cylinder consistent expansion pack is built of break safe, non staying, high thickness without latex PVC. The chrome covered valve conveys exact flattening control rate. All these and numerous different elements have settled on it the Amazon's Choice item.

"We convey quality and with that comes acknowledgment from the clients" says the CEO of SantaMedical. " This is adept. for an item which has gone stringent testing and quality control. The clients have acknowledged it as a standout amongst the best items in this classification throughout the years."

The item is DEPH free and there are no hurtful synthetic substances included which makes it totally alright for utilize The gadget meets the proposals and rules of FDA and AHA which features the credibility of the item. This sphygmomanometer is being utilized in Hospitals and at Homes for individual utilize all over America.

About SantaMedical

SantaMedical is an organization situated in California, USA. They are given to structuring, creating and fabricating inventive Healthcare items that address the issues of our clients through their GURIN and SANTAMEDICAL brands.


Water Flosser- the best option for your teeth


A water flosser is an electronic device that uses a stream of water for cleaning the teeth and massaging the gums. It is very helpful and easy to operate when it comes to getting food particles, plaque and other harmful things out of your mouth. It has an adjustable water force that is used to vary the intensity of the jet stream.

The use of water flossers is fairly common today in many parts of the world. Not only restricted to people with some kind of dental problem but due to the increased awareness it is also being used fairly commonly by normal people. This is a healthy habit that has long term benefits.


The Effect Of Water Flossers.

A Water Flosser is healthier and more common today in America than traditional flossing involving the flossing thread. A published research has stated that water flossing application for just three seconds can remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas, and is significantly more efficient than traditional dental floss. Apart from the floss it is also beneficial in curbing many different ailments of the mouth especially gingivitis.

The American Dental Association (ADA) reported a study where New York college of Dentistry followed 51 pairs of twins over a period of two weeks. One twin flossed while the other didn't. The flossing twin showed positive outcome with reduced gingival bleeding. Along with that there was a plaque reduction, which supported the habit of flossing every day.

The water flosser has also been found to be safe and effective for patients who have diabetes, patients in periodontal maintenance, patients with implants, and patients with orthodontic appliances.



The Features:

The flossers are also prepared with utmost care to deliver utmost performance both in terms of quality and efficiency. The flosser we are talking here today is the Gurin Professional Water flosser. Some of the excellent features are:

  1. It is made out of good quality of plastic and is BPA free, approved by the FDA along with the ADA seal of acceptance. Thus making the product absolutely safe for use.
  2. Works in three modes - Normal, Soft and Pulse mode. The Normal mode gives a powerful beam of water and is for deep dental cleaning for any debris. The soft mode is for the mouth dental and gum cleaning. The pulse mode of operation is specially designed for gum massage.
  3. Special pulse mode for Gum tissue stimulation.
  4. It has a one year warranty.
  5. The two nozzle tips come color coded and can be interchanged easily. The color coding is useful if there are multiple users. The 360o rotating nozzle is easily removable and needs replacements only after 6 months of daily use.
  6. Extra large reservoir is removable and easy to use.
  7. Rechargeable batteries and cordless design.


All these factors and many more are the basis that have propelled the use of Water flossers in recent years. To get one log on to Amazon or Walmart.